October 11, 2016

You Put What in There?! by Miranda Malisani, RNCP

Fish oil. Yup, I did. I put it in my frozen treats for the boys and they loved it. Sea-licious Natural Maple Fish oil is so tasty that they’ll pull the bottle out of the fridge themselves and remind me to give it to them. Let’s be clear, I don’t get into great detail of the specific ingredients inside. …

May 18, 2016

A Pharmacists View on Supplements – “Yes we Do Need Omega-3s”

A Pharmacists Perspective on Supplements As a holistically oriented pharmacist and health writer I am caught (quite willingly) between two worlds – conventional medicine and natural therapies. My philosophy of practice is unique for a pharmacist. I do believe in the appropriate and rationale use of drug therapy, but I also firmly believe in the…

April 15, 2016

Nutrition For Kids

I can honestly say my greatest accomplishment has been the birth of my three precious children, Luca, Matteo and Capri. They truly are the light of our world, and I feel so blessed and honored to be their mom. My kids are my passion in life, and there is nothing I wouldn’t do for them.…