A Pharmacists View on Supplements – “Yes we Do Need Omega-3s”

A Pharmacists Perspective on Supplements

As a holistically oriented pharmacist and health writer I am caught (quite willingly) between two worlds – conventional medicine and natural therapies. My philosophy of practice is unique for a pharmacist. I do believe in the appropriate and rationale use of drug therapy, but I also firmly believe in the role of good nutrition and supplements for health and wellness. So I work to integrate the two worlds. I strive to educate people about the steps that they can take to cut their risk of chronic disease and optimize their health. Nutritional supplements are a key part of my recommendations.

In an ideal world we would get all the nutrients we need from our food, however given the depletion in the nutritional value of our food combined with changes in the way we eat and the types of food we eat (fast/processed food) it can be very challenging to get everything your body needs from diet alone. For these reasons, I look upon nutritional supplements as a means to bridge that gap between what you get from diet and what you need for optimal health.

When I think of some of the most important nutrients that our body needs that are really difficult to get from diet alone, omega-3s are top of the list. Omega-3s are absolutely essential to the health of many of our vital organs such as the brain, heart, skin and eyes. Numerous studies have shown that these essential fatty acids can benefit those with ADHD, arthritis, depression, skin problems like eczema, heart disease and more.

During my pregnancy with my son (who is now almost 6), I upped my omega-3 intake knowing that research has shown that the DHA in omega-3s are critical for the growth and development of the baby and may offer protection against cognitive deficits.

As a mom, I know that kids can be picky eaters. When my son was first eating solid foods he would eat almost everything. Avocado, fish, eggs, beans, he was game to try anything. As he got older he wanted a greater say in what he was eating and became somewhat picky. He still eats very healthy, but I have to work harder to get variety in his diet and keep him a way from the junk food that he sees his peers eating. To make sure his body is getting all the vital nutrients it needs I give him Sea-licious every day along with a multivitamin, extra vitamin D, and a probiotic. I am so grateful that Karlene has created a great tasting, high quality omega-3 supplement. When it comes to getting a child to take a supplement, if it doesn’t taste good it can be a struggle. Thankfully Sea-licious comes in several delicious flavours and knowing it is made with the highest standards gives me peace of mind as a pharmacist and mom.

Sherry Torkos is a pharmacist, mom and author of several health books including The Canadian Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine. www.sherrytorkos.com