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CTV Morning Live with Karlene Karst – To Organic or Not?

  When we enter the grocery store we are bombarded with decisions on what to purchase, what brand, and then we also need to determine whether or not we should buy organic or conventional. We also know that sometimes, not always, organic can be more expensive. I want to talk to you about what products…


National Nutrition presents Omega-3 Professional Review with Karlene Karst, R.D.

Thank you to NationalNutrition.ca for the collaboration on these professional supplement reviews! Here’s my Karlene Karst, R.D. 3 minute review on omega-3s. Remember, knowledge is health!


CTV Morning Live with Karlene Karst – How to Properly Store Your Foods

What goes in the fridge? Some foods need to be kept in the fridge to help slow down germs’ growth and keep food fresh and safe for longer. These are foods marked with a “use by” date and “keep refrigerated” on the label, such as milk, meat and ready meals. Cool down leftovers as quickly as possible…


A Natural Guide to Workplace Wellness

Happy Monday Sea-licious friends!  Get your work-week going with a healthy head start both mentally and physically and one way to do that is to set your mind and body mood to the right energy and focus. Many of us can relate to the high demands of work-life and the daily pressures we experience can…


Karlene Karst on the Natural Health Show

    Registered Dietitian Karlene Karst joins radio host Steve Herringer on the Natural Health Show to discuss the power of omega-3s for healthy brains.  Did you know the brain is over 60% fat and it should be made of primarily DHA. Omega-3s are critical for nervous system development, cognition, memory, and learning. 1 tsp…