This Kitchen Is For Dancing – Real Food – Pure Flavor

By Nutritionist Karlene Karst


Eating wholesome food, as close to its natural state as possible, in good company is one of life’s greatest joys. Cooking doesn’t have to be complicated, which is what this book is all about.
Tori Weszer, RD @fraichenutrition

This Kitchen is for Dancing With this long-awaited book, nutritionist Karlene Karst has created the busy woman’s guide to healthy eating!  Featuring over 100 recipes, “This Kitchen is for Dancing” shares Karlene’s journey toward healthier living through nutrient-packed, never-complicated menus that simply refuse to skimp on flavor. Too busy to cook? Don’t know where to start? Can’t figure out how to keep everybody in your household happy at the dinner table? Karlene shares all her tricks and tips, from how to shop and stock a pantry, to step-by-step instructions for planning and cooking your week’s meals on a Sunday afternoon. Along the way, you’ll be reminded of the important role played in all our lives by the kitchen, the true heart of any home. It’s a place of nourishment and nurture, love and laughter, health and happiness. Can yours be a “kitchen for dancing”? With Karlene as your guide, yes – yes, it can!