Mother’s Day Brunch

Mother’s Day may just be the most perfect day of the year to host a delicious brunch for the favourite mom/woman in your life (or you can tap your husband on the shoulder and hand over these recipes). There are so many food options to choose from when hosting. You can choose breakfast or lunch options or a combination of both.

I recommend one egg dish that will serve as your “main” entree, and then I also like to include something sweet, and savoury, along with fresh fruit, juice or a smoothie, sparkling water with lemon/limes, coffee and tea. Brunch is meant to be relaxed, and an opportunity for family and friends to linger over food, and conversation. Add a vase of beautiful fresh cut flowers (like peonies cut low which smell and look so pretty), linen napkins with soft music playing in the background (I love Norah Jones at brunch:)), and you will have created the most inviting atmosphere that your guests will absolutely love! 


These are my 4 favourite menu/recipe ideas that I love to serve at brunch. 

  1. Baked Eggs with Garlic Kale and Parmesan (or a quiche is a great egg dish that can be prepared ahead of time) 
  2. Overnight Chia Oats (prepare the night before)
  3. Cheese Platter 
  4. Coconut Honey Pancakes 

However and whoever does the cooking on this special day, I wish you all a Happy Mother’s Day weekend ahead!