Omega-3s for your little one’s immune system

There are three groups of nutrients that are believed to be critical for the development of a healthy immune system in your baby. First of all, breast-feeding (albeit challenging at first, but so important) gives your baby valuable colostrum (especially during the first few days), which research proves is full of healthful antibodies needed by the baby to develop a strong immune system.

Second is probiotics (healthful bacteria), which are naturally found in mother’s milk. When babies come into this world through a vaginal delivery, they actually gain beneficial bacteria through the vaginal tract that helps to develop the good bacteria inside their digestive tracts. And thirdly, but of equal importance, healthful fats, especially DHA and EPA, which promote immunecell development by acting as a substrate for antibodies involved in modulating allergic inflammatory responses. Numerous studies positively associate higher omega-3 levels in cord blood with subsequent reduction in the development of childhood allergic diseases, such as asthma, autoimmune disease, atopic dermatitis, and allergic rhinitis. DHA is strongly linked to the regulation of allergic responses and immune-system control. Research has linked higher prenatal DHA intake to a number of positive developmental outcomes in both infants and children.