CTV Morning Live with Karlene Karst – What Foods are Heart-Healthy?

Did you know, heart disease and stroke take one life every seven minutes? Inflammation is the top causative risk factor for heart disease and we need to start paying attention to it.

Registered Dietitian Karlene Karst shares with us on CTV Morning Live Vancouver some of the myths around heart health and what we can do to prevent it. Try to avoid inflammatory and processed foods and consume plenty of leafy green vegetables, omega-3s from cold water fish, chia, flaxseeds, turmeric and the new kid on the block omega-7 (sourced from anchovies).

True or false? 

  • More men than women die from cardiovascular disease 
  • Carrying extra weight around your hips and thighs increases your risk for heart disease 
  • There are over 200 risk factors for cardiovascular disease
  •  Butter is better than margarine 
  • Eating an egg each day will increase your cholesterol 
  • The most important risk factor for cardiovascular disease is inflammation 


Watch the segment HERE.