CTV Morning Live with Karlene Karst, R.D. – Can we Improve the Canada Food Guide?

Nutritional information and science is always changing and improving as we learn more about the role different nutrients play in our health. Registered Dietitian Karlene Karst joins Keri Adams on CTV Morning Live Vancouver to discuss the recommendations for what Canadians should be eating daily. While the Canada Food Guide is aimed at providing a balanced approach by eating a variety of nutrients, it was never intended to be a guide for weight loss. Karlene shares with us the importance of focusing on eating whole, unprocessed foods, lots of vegetables and fruits, lean protein and healthy fats. 

Overall daily advice should include:

1) eat 5-6 small meals per day.
2) each time you eat make sure you have healthy fat, protein and fibre ( yes you do need carbs just quality, fibrous ones)
3) good fats include fatty fish like salmon, halibut, anchovies, sardines; seeds like chia, hemp and flax; nuts like raw almonds, walnuts and cashews; green leafy veggies, avocado, healthful oils like olive, grape seed, avocado, coconut etc.
4) minimize processed and packaged food- they mainly contain ingredients that are inflammatory and overall toxic, in Favor of cooking simple, nutritious meals at home.
5) stay hydrated with water, with freshly squeezed lemon

Watch Karlene’s segment HERE.