Surviving Halloween Hangover

Are you suffering from Halloween hangover today? My kids scored big time on the Halloween candy last night, and we most certainly have enough to feed a small city. It was so enjoyable to see them SO excited and watch them dump their candy all over the living room floor picking out their favorites and counting how many lollipops, chips, licorice and chocolate they got. It reminded me of my siblings back in the 80s with our giant pillowcases heaping full of sugary goodness that we would enjoy for weeks to come.


However, as a mom, forget the nutritionist, I don’t want my kids eating all that candy, so how can we survive Halloween hangover and the excess? Here are my top 5 suggestions for using left over Halloween Candy.


  1. Let your kids pick an arbitrary number of candy pieces that they can enjoy. For my kids this year, it was 10. Not sure how I came up with that number, but I thought that it would sound big enough to them that they wouldn’t fight it. So 10 it is. And I even told them they could save that 10 and eat it over a period of time, or if they wanted to, they could eat it all at once. But then that’s it, there is nothing left.
  2. Make sure they have a proper snack before consuming the candy. This will help to slow the release of all that sugar into their blood stream, and help to minimize “crazy brain” and hyperactivity.
  3. Donate—often times dentists and orthodontists offices will do an exchange for the candy, they will give toys, toothbrushes, money or other fun things the kids will love.
  4. Donate to charity- our school is collecting all left over candy to donate to charity. That’s where our left over candy will be going.
  5. The holiday season is quickly approaching, and I can think of all kinds of fun ways to use the candy for decorating and DIY projects from wreaths, gingerbread houses, ornaments, pinata’s, or re-using for birthday party gift bags.