Stress Less

It’s Time to De-Stress

Stress– a word so commonly used, that even my 6 year old asks me, “mamma are you stressed?” Whatever gave him that idea?

Stress is the way in which we respond to external stimuli, and what causes our body to feel stressed is different for each of us. It could be work, family-life, travel, finances, health, traffic, you get the picture. But stress is not always a bad thing, in fact a little bit of stress is what give us our get-up-and-go juice to get things done in the day. The problem ensues when too much of a good thing becomes not a good thing. 

Sometimes the body needs to go through a phase of adaption in order to adjust to the new norm that is life. I know I personally went through this after I became a mom and then a working-mom. I didn’t even realize my body was adjusting and trying to adapt to so many new stressors. I all of a sudden found myself as a first-time mom, with a colicky new baby, very little sleep at night, and then boom 3 months later, I was back traveling for my work. Before I knew it, I was suffering from something called adrenal exhaustion. 

The crazy thing was, I didn’t realize I was sooo stressed, because in all actuality, I loved what I was doing–all of it. But I knew I needed to make some changes to my lifestyle in order to help my body cope better. The reality is, I’m 9 years into motherhood, with 3 kids, and I am in a much better place with my physical, mental, and spiritual health now than ever before. All the experiences, good and bad, have resulted in tremendous personal growth and I’ve used nutrition to help build a stronger, healthier and happier me. 

You may relate to some of this, or have your own version of why/how you feel and deal with stress. And of course the ebbs and flows of life, and stressors will always be there, it’s just a matter of how we cope. Remember it’s not the strongest who survive, it’s those who can adapt. 

Here are my top 6 Tips to help Your Body Stress-Less

  1. Start your day with a green smoothie. Protein, fibre and good fats first thing in the morning supports the adrenal glands, blood sugar and metabolism. Omega-3s in particular allow your mind to feel calm, yet have focused energy. When you eat protein in the morning it jumps starts your metabolism—(important for busting belly fat). Food is very powerful for the mind.
  2. Eat 5 times per day and make sure you are eating protein each time you eat. Protein stabilizes blood sugar levels and gives your adrenal glands (your stress glands) much needed support. Proper regulation of cortisol (stress hormones) is essential to help your body deal with daily stress. 
  3. Set up a healthy bedtime routine. I take an epsom salt bath every night for about 20 minutes with a few drops of lavender essential oils and 1 cup of epsom salts. The combination of the magnesium and sulfates really helps the body detox and ease sore and tired muscles. It just screams relaxation. 
  4. Disconnect electronic devices after 9 pm. I used to start working again after I put the kids to bed. But I realized I couldn’t shut my brain off, and instead of getting into a deep sleep I had busy brain. Now I don’t. I plug my phone in a different part of the house, and don’t look at it until I get up the next morning. 
  5. Don’t sweat the small stuff. And press repeat. I used to worry about everything, partly because I’m a type A busy body, who is overly hard on myself. I want my life “perfect” and what is perfect anyway?? I need to say this over and over again. I have gone through some very big and real stress in my life– so I do know the difference between the “real” problems and the small ones. So if I don’t get the beds made in the morning before we leave for school, oh well. If I order pizza instead of cooking, that’s ok too. I also had to learn to say NO to a lot of extras that were taxing on my family. That has meant less play dates, activities, social engagements, girl nights etc. Its not forever, but I have found that we were just trying to do to much and it was having the opposite effect of fun and instead I was feeling stressed about the fun stuff.
  6. There is an incredible natural health product for anxiety, called Anxio Calm by Terry Naturally (and btw, this is not a paid or sponsored post at all), I just like to share products that I know, from experience work very well. It’s a clinically studied extract of echinacea EP107. This particular part of the echinacea plant works on the endocanabinoid system in the brain helping to ease stress, anxiety, panic and restless sleep. It’s non-habit forming with no side effects. And you take it when you need it, generally within 15 minutes after using you can feel a lessening of the anxiety. 

And honestly I have many others like getting more sleep at night, laughing more, living in the moment, being present, enjoying each day, and the list goes on. Just remember to take each day at a time, we are given one life, let’s make the best of it!