Natural Health Gift Guide

  1. Coconut oil | 2. Swell bottle | 3. Michael Buble Christmas CD | 4. Tusli Tea | 5. Encyclopedia of Healing Foods Book | 6. Sea-licious Raspberry Lemonade | 7. Fitbit | 8. Hot Chocolate | 9. Magnesium | 10. Coconut Lotion | 11. Diffuser and Oils | 12. Vitamin D3 


Happy Monday Friends! There is no better way to kick the week off than with a healthy spirit….So when preparing for stocking stuffers, or that health enthusiast on your list, I have prepared a few of my favourite products that help me feel healthy and happy. Remember, health is a combination of many facets from fitness, food, family, friendships, faith, supplements, beauty, music, knowledge etc. What makes you feel healthy? 

  1. Alpha Coconut Oil – For those of you who have been following my social media posts, you know how coconut obsessed I am. Coconut oil is my go-to oil for baking, pancakes/waffles, and medium heat cooking. Its properties are so nourishing for the body, and the smell and taste delicious. This is one oil you are going to want to start using this holiday season. 
  1. Swell Bottles – You may be thinking…”How many more drinking bottles do we need in our home?”, well trust me, you will be getting rid of all your bottles to make room for this one size fits all bottle. Not only are the designs and colors chic and gorgeous, the best part is they don’t leak, they keep water cold for 24 hours (literally), and hot for 12. Our water consumption has increased dramatically since using the swell…these make awesome, awesome gifts!
  1. Michael Buble Christmas CD – Music is SO therapeutic and who doesn’t love Christmas carols, and our Canadian music hero, Michael Buble. His Christmas album is on repeat in our home and car starting Dec 1, and even my kids know his songs and even dance a little Buble style. Music makes my family happy…what is your favourite Christmas song?
  1. Organic India Tulsi Tea – When you need to wind down at the end of a busy long day, Tulsi always fills my mug. Tulsi, also known as Holy Basil and is known as the Queen of Herbs, makes a delicious and nourishing tea, that allows you to calm and relax. It really is the perfect tea for the busy holiday season. 
  1. The Encyclopedia of Healing Foods written by my dear friend and world renown naturopath Dr. Michael T Murray. His is nothing short of brilliant, and an incredible writer. If you are as passionate about food for its healing properties as I am, this will become a reference guide that you will want in your home library. Remember, knowledge is health. 
  1. Sea-licious Omega-3 Oil – My passion, and true omega-3 love! I’m so proud of Sea-licious, and the Raspberry Lemonade has been the number 1 seller since we launched 4 years ago. I’ve created this product so that every member of your family could get the benefits of omega-3 in a delicious, and all natural way. It was voted “Best Omega-3 product” by National Nutrition and even your kids will love it. You can mix it in with smoothies, yogurt or salad dressing, or just pour it on the spoon. Either way, these omega-3s are packed so full of health, that you can’t go wrong with the gift of Sea-licious.
  1. Fitbit – I’m spotting these Fitbit’s everywhere, and how cool is it? They not only look sleek, and nice, they are also very motivating. Our goal is 10,000 steps per day–and there is no better way than to keep track with this super cool Fitbit!
  1. Ziggy’s Organic Chocolate Drink – Hot drinks are in full swing, however most are laden with tons of extra sugar and calories. Well, enter Ziggy’s Organic Chocolate Drink, and this is one drink you will feel good about drinking morning, noon or night. And of course my kids think it is the greatest they are allowed hot chocolate “really mom?” You bet…especially when I mix with full fat coconut milk, and top with coconut whipped cream, dark shaved chocolate, and vegan marshmallows. Give this one as a stocking stuffer, and enjoy while spending your Christmas day with family and friends. 
  1. Magnesium – One of the best nutrients to take to help relax the nerves, muscles and mind. Magnesium deficiency is common, and this is one of my daily go-to supplements. You will notice an improvement in digestion, and how you sleep at night. There is no better time of the year to bring Magnesium into your daily supplement regime. It comes in either capsule, or powder form (which also tastes great).
  1. Organic Fiji Coconut Lotion – Light, yet moisturizing, with an intoxicating smell…this lotion will take you to the beach (and I think we could all use a little of that these days). All natural, organic and made from coconuts, this is my daily moisturizer. There are also scrubs, soaps and oils in this line…any product will be a welcome beauty addition. 
  1. Saje Diffuser and Essential Oils – This is another product that you have heard me rave about through social media. Saje diffusers are in almost every room in my house. I’m telling you essential oils are so healing, and therapeutic. They clean, purify, and provide a euphoric experience that each member of the family will benefit from. Forget candles to bring a beautiful aroma, into your house, instead switch over to essential oils. Not to mention these differs are super gorgeous and make a beautiful addition to your home decor. 
  1. Vitamin D – Oh hail the sunshine vitamin. Many us are deficient in this very important vitamin, and it’s one of my daily “foundational” nutrients that I recommend everyone using, especially during the winter months. Vitamin D is important for the immune system, bones, teeth, brain (and even helps protect against seasonal affective disorder). Give the gift of sunshine this holiday season, with vitamin D. 

This rounds out my top health product list…I hope you are either using some of these already, or will bring a little bit more health into your life this holiday season. 


Have a healthy and happy day,