My grass IS green!

My grass IS green!

I’m often introduced as, “This is Manny; she has four girls!” I can remember thinking, “Is this my identity?…A mother of four girls?” I’m also a wife, sister, daughter, teacher, friend, but being a mother is my greatest accomplishment. I chose to be this person; a mother of four remarkable girls.

I’ve temporarily put my teaching career on hold to be a stay-at-home mom. Before becoming a mother, I remember seeing the stay-at-home moms of my students and naively thinking, “Oh it would be so nice to have my days free and to myself.” I quickly learned this is not the case. The hours are spent preparing to meet the needs of my family with little time left for me. From the moment I wake up until the moment I shut my eyes at night, the happiness and well-being of my husband, Anthony, and my children is my number one priority.

We have four girls: Mia (8), Alyssa (6), Capri (5) and Desigal (18 months) and we maintain a very active schedule. Our kids are fortunate to have the opportunity to participate in many extra curricular activities…figure skating, gymnastics, swimming, music and art lessons, tennis, soccer, and seasonal school sports. Being organized and prepared helps win half the battle of handing four active kids. CHAOS needs to be avoided at all costs! I have learned to be one step ahead of the game in any way possible.

Organization and preparation includes prepping dinner during the day, ensuring equipment/attire for after school activities are packed, and snacks are always on hand, especially since my girls are light-eaters at school and they automatically ask for food once they get in the car.

Food, food, food! It’s always on my mind. Two years ago we found out Mia has Celiac Disease. This means buying meals on the go, or eating out is not an easy option. Mia is also a selective eater and having a limited diet makes it difficult to ensure she is getting all her proper nutrients. I’ve found it easiest to prepare a fresh lunch for her and drop it off at noon at her school. Her Celiac Disease is also a challenge for her because she is young and still has a hard time accepting that she often can’t enjoy the same foods as her sisters or peers. However, the Celiac Disease has had a positive influence on our family’s diet, our knowledge of healthy foods, and the importance of daily vitamins.

So yes, I consider myself an organized and prepared person, but let’s be honest…I have four girls, they bicker and disagree (with me and their siblings) and it seems that someone is always having a bad day! This makes it challenging to exercise my patience and keep from yelling (although screaming into a pillow is quite relieving). There are days that I breakdown while I’m driving and ask myself, “Am I failing?” I put pressure on myself to stay positive, patient, and be a good role model of someone who is kind, caring, and loving. It is important for me to teach my girls how to express our feelings, how to say sorry and forgive, and always move on!

These are the things I love most about my day:

-my early morning workouts (…a little time for me that keeps me feeling healthy, fit, and sane!)

-hearing their conversations, laughter, questions, and thoughts

-witnessing their spontaneous acts of kindness, and love for one another

-kissing the kids good-bye at school drop-off and picking them up

-being home with the girls when Anthony returns from work (…with a Starbucks in hand for me!)

-eating dinner together as a family

I am honoured to be the mother of four unique girls. I would do anything and everything for the happiness of my family (…including our Labradoodle, Rio(9)). My life is dedicated to them. I wouldn’t have it any other way. My grass IS green! Life is good.




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  1. Mrs Giovanna Lore says:

    God Bless Your beautiful family I came from a family of 12 My husband a family 11 , I always worked at home (Mom ) sister looking after my siblings A Wife < Mom of Two wonderful Sons I am Happy a Grandma of 3 My Life is dedicated to them And I wouldn't change it for anything I am very Blessed Life is good if we make it good ! God Blessings ! Amen

  2. Mrs Giovanna Lore says:

    Thank you !

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