Meet Our Sea-licious Team – Trina Collado

Making the big decision to move away from all things familiar to a faraway country in an effort to make a better life for your family, is nothing short of scary, exhilarating, exciting, and best word to describe this feeling – bittersweet. Just ask our very own Sea-licious gal Trina Collado! Here in her blog entry, Trina shares with us her journey of immigrating to Canada and the new life she’s built here with her husband and son, and the “second family” she’s found at Sea-licious. 

Say hello to Trina 🙂 

I came to Canada as an immigrant with my husband in August of 2012. Within a month’s time we were on the family way! So for about a year and a half, my focus was mainly on raising my now two year old son. During those times I could only do part time work in retail. In 2014, I had been trying to find a way to get back on track with my career for a few months already with no such luck. I was starting to feel sad, frustrated and anxious. One day, I spoke to Vicky Hoang and asked her if she could use some help since she mentioned that Sea-licious was growing so quickly and things were getting so exciting at her work. She said that she will talk to her boss Karlene about it and see if there was anything that they could do to help me. I thought at first that that would be the end of our conversation, since I’ve heard it all before. Two weeks later, Vicky stayed true to her word and gave me a call. She told me the good news that her boss Karlene would love to have me work for Sea-licious!

I started doing volunteer work as a marketing assistant for Sea-licious on September 2014. I found myself really enjoying the work and loving the atmosphere within GAB. Everyone is so helpful, generous of their time and very warm and friendly! The atmosphere here is so familial that it made work feel much lighter and fun. So when Karlene offered me to work fulltime as a Customer Sales Representative, I did not hesitate! I’ve been working with the company now for over a year and a half and I still love what I do and enjoy every moment here. It gives me great pleasure and a sense of purpose to be able to impart my knowledge about top quality products that can greatly and positively impact one’s health and well-being. If I am able to reach more people and educate them about the importance of omega-3s and all other health products we carry, I did not just do my job but I know that I’ve actually helped someone in their journey of wellness. I am truly blessed and grateful to be part of the Sea-licious Team. Not only has Karlene helped me in finding a job, she helped me provide stability for my growing family and a place in a country that I am trying to plant new roots in – a place that I can now call home.