Meet our Sea-licious Team – Angela DeGrazia

Sea-licious prides itself on creating a healthy, loving and supportive work culture. Being a family-owned company allows us to really connect with each of our people on a personal level and we truly love and care for each on of our members. Angela is the life of the family and office! She is funny, smart, dedicated and loyal member and can do almost any task she’s given. She started working with her brother Dr. Morello over 20 years ago and has remained an important part of our team. 

We are so excited to give you a closer look into each of the people that make Sea-licious the company it is! 

Let’s meet Angela!! 


Angela DeGrazia – Brand Manager 

I began my journey in this great industry back in 1995.  My brother Gaetano asked me if I would join him on this great adventure that has lasted 21 years thus far!!  I saw in him a great passion, vision, and strong belief in the natural health industry.  His ability to heal people and make a difference was inspirational. He brought to Canada some of the most unique and amazing products ever brought to market, the first standardized extracts from Enzymatic Therapy and so much more.

  I have worked both in a corporate environment and small business and have grown and learned so much over the years.  I have the profound privilege of working with some of the most driven, humble and caring people here at GAB Innovations/Sea-licious.  Our team takes so much pride and truly cares for every customer.  They have a passion to heal and educate everyone they can touch!

 I am most proud of the two people that lead our team, and am very proud to call them my brother and sister-in-law Gaetano and Karlene.  Every product they bring to market is researched, thought out, clinically studied and tested.  

 I am often asked what it’s like to work for family, and my answer is always the same. I am so very fortunate!!!  In the last 21 years I became a wife and a mother to two beautiful girls.  I have been able to attend every Mother’s day Tea at their schools, have worked from home with every flu they’ve ever had.  I will never forget, and will always be grateful!   Without question family always comes first and for that reason I put my best foot forward each and every day I come to work.  I want to be one of the reasons we achieve great success.  I want to represent us in a way that makes our family proud.  We have been taught that anything important in life comes with great sacrifice and hard work.  I believe that Gaetano and Karlene treat every member of this team just like family.  As a result, we have some of the most hard working people I have ever worked with.  There is no such thing as “that is not in my job description”, we always come together and help one another, as our goal is the same no matter what department.  I look forward to many more years of being a part of this amazing team!!!

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  1. irena DEMARCO says:

    What a wonderful message Angela… family is indeed very precious and comes first always!

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