Healthy Living Gift Guide


  1. Vitamix | 2. Measuring Spoons | 3. Copper Mug | 4. Nespresso Machine | 5. Reading Socks | 6. Diffuser | 7. Diffusing Oils | 8. Spiralizer | 9. Swell Bottle | 10. Oh She Glows Cookbook | 11. Nike Shoes 


Hi friends! Well today is November, 25th, this officially marks the 1 month countdown to Christmas. For me, the best part of the Christmas season is sharing time with friends, family, and giving. Nothing makes me happier than to be able to give in as many ways as I can from my faith, time, and the spirit of the season. And of course, that involves giving gifts to those special people in my life! When giving, I always put as much thought and personalization into the gifts, and if I can, I try to incorporate a little “healthy living” into it. 

I’m so excited for the first year to present my Gift Giving Series. And today, I’m kicking it off with my favourite healthy living gift guide. If you have someone in your life who loves food, fitness and health, you may want to consider some of these items that make my daily healthy living even that much more fun. 

  1. Vitamix – This machine was a game changer in my health. My other blenders always struggled to blend tons of veggies and fruit. Enter my Vitamix and I have never looked back. I use it for smoothies, soups, mylks, chopping nuts and honestly the possibilities are endless. I’m loving the clean look of the white–so I’m even putting this one on my Christmas Wish list this year. Since today is black Friday, there are all kinds of great deals on these beauties, so check it out!
  2. Measuring spoons – I can never have enough measuring spoons as they get used every day, multiple times a day, especially when I’m in recipe prep mode. And the copper is so beautiful and on trend this season.
  3. Copper or Festive Mug – each holiday season I usually pick up a couple new festive mugs that make hot drinks even more enjoyable. You can never go wrong giving a new mug to someone. They will think of you each day as they are cozy in their jammies drinking their morning hot drink. Again, this copper one from Indigo is so gorgeous as we bring in mixed metals into the kitchen decor.
  4. Nespresso Machine – this is always one of my go-to’s for my husband, who is Italian, and let me tell you an espresso connoisseur. Over the years, I’ve bought him so many different, expensive machines, but last year, I bought him a Nespresso Machine, and he absolutely LOVES it, and we’ve never looked back. They are very affordable, and according to him make the most delicious espresso. You can get the machines that foam, do cappuccino’s, regular coffee or just espresso. And the white is so clean, and fresh looking, and will look beautiful on your countertop.
  5. Cozy Reading Socks – move over slippers, hello cozy reading socks! I bought a pair of these back in November from Indigo, and I’m absolutely in love with them. They are so warm, soft, comfy and cozy. They are the first thing I put on in the morning when I climb out of bed, and I always look forward to getting home after work to get in my comfy lounge wear and of course these socks have become part of my daily uniform. Perfect for lounging around home, reading your favourite book, or spending your evening playing games with the family. You will want to buy these for every friend!
  6. Saje Diffuser – I could spend hours in the Saje store. The aroma is so inviting, fresh and healthy. All natural essential oils are definitely part of my family’s healthy living. I have these beautiful diffusers all over my home. And they make a perfect hostess gift. I absolutely love this chrome machine, but they are all beautiful.
  7. Saje Goddess Essential Oils – This is my personal favourite blend. A combination of citrus, rose, neroli and jasmine, it fills my home with the cleanest, freshest and euphoric smell. I love to add a few drops to my laundry or into my bath at night. However, I honestly love all the blends from Sage, and they are a perfect gift along with the diffuser.
  8. Spiralizer – I have become obsessed with “zoodles”! This handy, little gadget is such a great way to get more veggies into your meal and I will say just a ton of fun. It makes the kids and I smile when we put a zucchini into it, turn the handle and see it come out as noodles. How cool is that. The spiralizer is one of my life-changing kitchen gadgets!
  9. Swell bottles – Want to drink more water in the day? Then invest in this incredible water container. I know, I know, you are probably thinking, another water bottle? But this one really is the BEST. It stays cold for 24 hours and hot for at least 12, they don’t leak, and come in a wide array of beautiful designs. My boys drink more water now than ever before, and each member in our family has their own Swell! They really make an awesome gift for a kid or adult!
  10. Oh She Glows Cookbook – This is truly one of the VERY best cookbooks I own. And let me tell you a fun Friday night with me is getting into bed early (once the kids are asleep) with a cup of tea and a new cookbook lol. I’m obsessed with reading cookbooks. As someone who creates a lot of my own recipes, I always enjoy reading and seeing what other nutritionists and chef’s use for unique ingredients. Angela Liddon in both her books, Oh She Glows and Oh She Glows Everyday, provides easy, delicious, clean plant-based recipes that will make you feel so good, your family will love and you will start to GLOW. You can never go wrong with gifting a cookbook!
  11. Nike Shoes – once thought of as “Workout” shoes…running shoes are now spotted everywhere from those wearing athletic outfits, boyfriend jeans, joggers and even long skirts. The designs are super cool, and look great paired with everything. And of course they are comfy and functional. Want to kickstart your workout regime?? Then get a new pair of shoes–honestly sometimes that is one of the greatest motivators!. I’m in love with this black and copper pair but the options are limitless and are just so much fun!

I hope these healthy living gift ideas have given you some ideas on how you can bring a little health into your loved ones holiday season. Remember January is the biggest month for lifestyle changes so if you have someone on your list who you know is ready to get started on their health journey, any one of these items would make a perfect choice! And you’ve maybe even found something to add to your own wish list!


Happy Shopping!


Yours in health,