Feeling Good about Yourself is the Best Gift for your Kids

When my 3rd baby was just over 1 month old, I hit rock bottom and was desperate for change. I had had 3 babies in 4 years, and the 5 years of pregnancies, nursing, and juggling everything that comes with being a working mom had began to catch up to me. I felt weak, fat, overwhelmed and tired (oh so tired!) We had also moved across the country when I was 6 months pregnant with baby #3 so I was also feeling incredibly lonely and was struggling to find appropriate child care.

My desperation to start feeling and looking better, took me to the Internet (naturally!) for a solution. I “stumbled” upon an online fitness coach’s Facebook page and found inspiration! She was a mom of 3 young boys, living in the city we had just moved to, had successfully lost her “baby weight” doing home workout programs, was maintaining a healthy lifestyle subsequent and was happy to share what was working for her. I thought if she could do it, maybe I could too! We connected and she connected me to an online community of like-minded women who served to be a great source of inspiration and motivation! 

This online community inspired and encouraged me to commit to some form of exercise every day, cheering me along as I did it! In the beginning, my definition of exercise was very liberal – some days it was walking the dog while pushing a double stroller and having the baby in the baby carrier; other days I pressed play on all of or a portion of a post-natal workout video or I went to a Strollerfit class at the local recreation centre. And some days exercise just didn’t happen despite my best efforts. 

But I quickly saw and felt the benefits (both mental and physical) that any minute of exercise was providing me…motivating me to continue to seek out exercise that would work for me.

And so began the snowball effect….

– The daily exercise was providing me with the mental alertness and clarity that not all the tea in China could provide to this overtired mommy. 

– The daily exercise was making me want to eat better and cook healthy recipes for me and my family.

– The daily exercise was making me feel happier,less overwhelmed, stronger and more confident. 

– The daily exercise was showing my daughters what mommy was capable of.

– The daily exercise was becoming my form of self love. 

Fast forward to today, 3 years later, where I feel the strongest, happiest and most confident I have felt in many years. I had no idea that this journey would lead me here but I am so very grateful it has.  Because of this journey, my three daughters are growing up with a mom who is giving them the best version of herself; one of the greatest gifts I feel I could ever give to them.

By Candace Moody   
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