Women’s Health Matters Lecture Series Event

You’re invited to the Women’s Health Matters Lecture Series at the Women’s Health Show!

Want to learn more about women’s health – from menopause, to stress, sleep, anxiety, hormones, skin and energy? Join Registered Dietitian, author, speaker, and creator of Sea-licious, Karlene Karst along with an expert panel of the top natural health specialists at the upcoming Women’s Health Show this October as they discuss the various topics on women’s health.

Are you tired all the time(TATT)? Did you know that lack of energy is the most common complaint people make to their doctors? The overall feeling of exhaustion, mental haze, and just being tired is reported by 97% of people. Daily life stressors, lack of sleep, being over-wired from technology, dehydration, lack of nutrients and dysfunctional mitochondria are reasons we may feel drained. 

Often the foods we rely on for energy is the kind of food that will leave us feeling even more fatigued, irritable, and hungry all while packing on unhealthy fat in the mid-section and disrupting our metabolism. Our mitochondria (aka energy factories) of our body are at work in nearly every cell and healthy functioning mitochondria are needed to be feel energized. So how can we stop this cycle and reclaim our energy, vitality, and metabolism? In this lecture, Karlene Karst, R.D. will share how to create long-lasting energy by improving mitochondria function with using fat for fuel.


Two available dates:

Thursday, Oct 19th
7pm – 9pm
Burlington Convention Centre
1120 Burloak Drive, Burlington, ON

Saturday, Oct 21st
1pm – 3pm
Westin Harbour Castle Hotel – Frontenac Ballroom
1 Harbour Square, Toronto, ON

Tickets are $15 plus receive a FREE copy of Dr. Karen Jensen’s new book ‘Women’s Health Matters’ upon entry. Want to attend for free? Visit the website below to receive your coupon code for a full ticket redemption. All attendees will also receive a gift certificate towards your favourite health products. For more information about our event, and to purchase your ticket, visit http://womensvoicemagazine.com/show.